Embrace the wanderer within and seek joy.

Hi there dear reader,

Since entering my 30s and experiencing two layoffs from the tech industry, I’ve been on a mission to do more of what brings me joy.

I originally launched this newsletter in 2020 with a focus on how to cultivate career confidence. I’ve now shifted my focus toward how to find what brings your life joy, on your own terms.

My lifestyle and travel blog, SeekWanderful.com, will contain in-depth resources, listicles, and recommendations.

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The confidence to re-invent 🍃

I’ve always believed everyone deserves to live the life they truly desire.

I’ve wandered through different career paths, countries, and hobbies that helped guide me to a life I’m excited to live and experience.

If change is the only constant in life, I hope that this newsletter, through travel tales and personal life musings, will serve as a reminder that you’re free to reinvent yourself as many times as you want.

Thank you for coming along on this journey and wish for you to seek and embrace what brings you joy.

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